Best Drain Cleaning Cable-Buying Guide

April 27, 2023

What advantages of a sectional pipe auger snake pipe?

1. Sectional drain cleaning pipe is very lightweight and easy to operate.

We can select and carry the right length of the cleaning cable when dredging the pipes. The cables are fed into the line, one section at a time, and coupled together as needed. The open coil design of the section cable facilitates the downward cock along the cable, making it easier to remove long sections of cable. If the section cable is damaged, it can be easily decoupled and replaced.

2. The Hollow Core drain cable style is the favorite among most service technicians. We manufacture it from a proprietary, hard-drawn, high-tensile strength wire in a variety of diameters, lengths, and flexible characteristics to fit every application. Hollow core cable is available in all cable diameters.

Selecting the proper sewer cable size and type is very important -- a cable that is too small or too weak for the pipe or the obstruction will break or kink prematurely. A good drain cleaning cable must be used in the proper application, be flexible enough to execute bends in the pipe, and be strong enough to develop sufficient torque to remove the drain clog.

Here are some hot-selling drain snake cables:

1. 7/8" Cable fits RIDGID K60 C10 45' Sectional Pipe Drain Cleaning Cable & Carrier

2. Drain Cable Sewer Cable 60' x 5/8" Drain Cleaning Cable Auger Snake Pipe No Core

3. 45' x 5/8" Sectional Pipe Drain Cleaning Cable Sewer Cable fits RIDGID

4. 7Pcs 16mm Manganese Steel Drain Cleaner Machine Combination Cutter Head Set Kit

5. Fit Ridgid K-375 K-380 K-40K-50 Drain Cleaning Sectional Machine Part Auger Bits

Choosing a high-quality sewer snake cable will help you to save maintenance expenses and make your job easier. If you are looking for the right cable, we hope iMeshbean can be your first choice. iMeshbean provides the best drain cleaning cable and accessories (drain cleaner machine combination cutter head set kit and auger bits).

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