Christmas Best Cheap Android Tablet PC

December 8, 2023

Tablet PC plays a more important role in our daily life. Since Apple launched IPAD in 2020, it has set off a craze of tablet PC around the world and has been continuing up to now. Almost every family has one or more tablet PC in hand. As Christmas is coming soon, we believe a good tablet computer is one of the best gifts to consider. And all tablet PC is in promotion during Christmas, why not buy a good Android tablet PC at a good price?

Some people think a tablet PC is like a big smartphone or a laptop without a keyboard. So you will ask if we have a smartphone or laptop, why should we waste money to buy a needless tablet PC? Tablet PC is not needless. There have many advantages that smartphone and laptop don't have.

Why do we need to buy a tablet PC?

First, a tablet PC is lighter than a laptop.

We can take it whenever we need it, and we don’t need to prepare an extra laptop bag. So the use of efficiency is very high.

Second, battery life is long. We can create, edit complex files and PPT. A multi-core processor can clip a video and render a 3D model at any time and anywhere. Tablet PC is the necessary office supply for the white-collar class.

Third, in terms of game, audio, and video, the size of the tablet PC is bigger than a cellphone. Thus, the visual effect and interactive experience of a tablet PC are better than a smartphone.

What is the most popular tablet PC?

The first one: Android 9.0 Ten Core 10.1 Inch HD Kids Tablet Computer PC GPS Wifi Dual Camera

1. Because of the cute and colorful protective case, kids are easily attracted by its look.

2. This 10.1 inch tablet PC has two modes that can be chosen: adult mode and children mode. In kid mode, kids can have their playground and the child-friendly Interface which makes it easy to use. You can select the educational games and videos for them, and don’t need to worry about the kids-unfriendly content.

It is also great for parents. In adult mode, everything boots up quickly with a quad-core. It's perfect for reading and watching videos as the HD Screen delivers clear content. GPS satellite navigation is more precise.

So When you own this tablet PC, that means you have both a kid tablet PC and an adult tablet PC.

The second one: Android 9 Ten Core 10.1 Inch HD Game 4G Tablet Computer PC GPS Wifi Dual Camera

1. This Android 9.0 tablet PC supports dual sim cards and dual standby. Switch tablet and mobile phone at the same time. Support TF card extension.

2. 4GB + 64GB big storage, which can ensure smooth operation.

3. This tablet PC is designed with a black or white leather case that can protect your tablet PC. You don’t need to buy an extra case for it.

The third one: Android 9 10.1'' 4G Phone Call Tablets Quad Core 1280x800 IPS 6GB RAM 64GB GPS

1. 10.1” size screen is the most comfortable size for most people.

2. 6GB+64GB can process the data faster and more smoothly.

3. 1280*800IPS LCD, giving you the best viewing effect.

The fourth one: 7" Android 10 Tablet PC 64GB For Kids Octo-Core Dual Cameras WiFi Bundle Case

Kids are curious about the world. They like to get to the root of the matter, have more active thinking, and have a strong thirst for knowledge. Our kids-friendly tablet PC can meet their needs.

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