Drain Cable Sewer Cable 60' x 5/8" Drain Cleaning Cable Auger Snake Pipe No Core


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    Drain Cable Sewer Cable 60' x 5/8" Drain Cleaning Cable Auger Snake Pipe No Core

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    Overall Length: 60 feet(18 meter),8 sections
    Cable Diameter:5/8" Cable (16mm)
    Cable Type: Hollow Core
    Other: Slotted Ends

    Package Includes:

    1 X Roll Drain Auger Cable with carrier, 

    1 Pair of Gloves, 

    1 x Straight Spiral Cutter Head, 

    1 x Funnel-shaped Spiral Drill Bit, 

    1 x C-Type Grease Cutter, 

    1 x Serrated Cutter, 

    1 x Four Serrated Cutter, 

    1 x Spiral Serrated Cutter, 

    1 x Key


    5/8" x 60' Commercial Drain Snake

    We quality checks each cable before and after the manufacturing process. 5/8" sewer cable is perfect for tough jobs or clogs in lines smaller than 6" in diameter. 5/8" commercial drain snakes can be used with regular drain blades or heavy-duty drain knives to clean the pipes.

    Hollow Core Draincable Style

    Hollow Core draincable style is the favorite among most service technicians. We manufacture it from a proprietary, hard-drawn, high tensile strength wire in a variety of diameters, lengths and flexible characteristics to fit every application. Hollow core cable is available in all cable diameters.

    Premium Material

    Made of spring steel. Heat treated flexible shaft for superior working ability

    Cable Kit

    60' Cable Diameter: 5/8” (16mm) Eight (8) Sections of 7.5' cable (2.3M).
    One section with built in flexible bulb auger, Seven sections with standard soft shaft and male/ female connectors.
    Cable Carrier included

    Easy to Install

    The plumber snake cable has a female slotted end which makes adding blade holders easy. You can replace the cable in your sewer machine effortlessly. 

    Wide Application

    Our 5/8" cable fits many competitors drain machines such as Ridgid, Spartan, General, Gorlitz, among others. If you are looking for a replacement drain cleaning cable for you current sewer and drain equipment, try it!
    It fits K-50, S75 with A10 Type Carrier This cable is interchangeable with C-8 RIDGID cable and interchanges with most cable or augers tips. It is compatible with RIDGID K-50, K-60, K-75 Drain Cleaners.