25W Ionic Detox Foot Bath Cleanse Spa Machine w/ 2 Arrays Tub Health Care FDA


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    25W Ionic Detox Foot Bath Cleanse Spa Machine w/ 2 Arrays Tub Health Care FDA

    122.84 85.99
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    Benefits of detoxification:

    • Enhance immune system.
    • Balance blood sugar and pressure.
    • Improve memory and sleep.
    • Improve metabolism, reinforce immunity, remove inferior health.
    • Balance blood fat and pressure alleviate gout, rheumatism and injuries.
    • The machine protect inner and outer deeply, detoxify kinds of toxins.


    • Water is resolved into a large amount of energy ion through ion cleanse device (positive and negative), make internal cell vigor strengthen, promote various enzymes live. Detoxification improves the human body organ circulating function and accelerates metabolism, makes the human body get well gradually. Through the color that demonstrates, you can understand more about your own health.
    • Ions are molecules that in most cases carry either a positive or negative charge. When the machine is turned on ions are created in the water. When the unit is set to positive, the current is directed to the positive pole, which produces more negative ions in the water inducing a positive polarity that generates a negative ion flow which raises blood pH from acidic toward alkaline in scientific studies. Using the machine regularly can moderate the incretion system, balance the PH and keep your body systems in working order.


    • Very easy to operation,you just need sit down and relax for the duration of the treatment.
    • You may also see deposits floating on top of the water,this can be as a result of the reaction between the array and saline solution.
    • At the end of 30 minutes you will sound a buzzer intermittently. The light will flash four times to indicate work has finished.
    • The tub color is white that make it easier to view color changes of the water. Hard plastic casing with high quality finish is durable.
    • Power: 25W

    Color Key for Detoxification Process:

    • Yellow-green Detoxifying from the kidney, bladder urinary tract, female prostate
    • Orange Detoxifying from joints.
    • Brown Detoxifying liver, tobacco, cellular debris.
    • Black Detoxifying gallbladder.
    • Dark Green Detoxifying gallbladder.
    • White Foam Mucus from lymph.
    • White Speckles Mostly yeast.
    • Black Speckles Heavy metals.
    • Red Speckles Blood clot material.

    Package includes:

    • 1x control unit.
    • 1x superior foot tub.
    • 2x array.
    • 1x 110V adapter.
    • 1x Spoon
    • 1x Power cord (matches your national standard)
    • 1x User manual.

    Pay attention:

    • The machine is safe to use by most people, except maybe in the case of.
    • During pregnancy (suspected pregnancy).
    • People with a pacemaker.
    • People with epilepsy.
    • People with implanted organs or steel plates or joints.
    • People with low blood pressure should eat before use the machine.The machine may decrease sugar.