40K Body Massage shaping Machine, Multifunctional Body Facial Beauty Massager


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    40K Body Massage shaping Machine, Multifunctional Body Facial Beauty Massager

    193.31 115.99
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    40K Body Massage Machine:
    Rated voltage: 110V-240V
    Cavitation handle material: Metal
    RF probe material: Metal
    Touch screen size: 4.3 inch
    Package size: 15 * 9.5 * 6.7inch
    Weight: 3.4kg/7.7LB

    40K probe

    power output: 150V
    Frequency: 40KHz
    power: 25W

    Tripolar RF probe:

    power output: 24V 
    frequency: 3MHz

    Quadrupole RF probe:

    power output:66V


    • FAT BURNING — 40KHz RF frequency produces ultrasonic cavitation crack fat cell
    • MULTIPLE EFFECT EFFICACY— 40K massagers have multi-effects on-face and body massages: focus massage energy at the correct position to realize the effects of skin rejuvenation and body massage. It can effectively massage calories, so as to achieve the effect of body care. Low energy, safe and effective.
    • BODY MASSAGE— The 40k Massage Tools can massage cells instantly and powerfully. Massaging the body, enhance blood circulation, and let you keep a body figure.
    • VARIOUS FUNCTION — The massager can remove facial wrinkles, dilute facial freckles, massage the body, Tighten skin; Stimulate collagen cells and increase skin flexibility, smooth eye wrinkle, firm eye skin, shrink pores and remove the double chin.
    • 3 REPLACEABLE HEADS — The Massager is equipped with 3 replaceable functional beauty heads for different body parts and ensures its high efficacy. Adjustable intensity to meet your demand. Better use with the gel or serum.

    Introduction of Three Beauty Heads: 

    • 40K massage head 

      Utilizing the gathered function massage head of the emitted massage 4000HZ into the human body, after it allows the body to produce a strong impact, can effectively massage calories, moisture 
    • 4 Point Massage head for body

      firm skin, enhance skin elasticity, having a directional output function of fat cells to accelerate the movement of heat through the sweat gland. 
    • 3 Point Massage head for a face 

      3 Point face massage head acts on the skin, can dermal collagen fibers are heated to 45 degrees to 65 degrees, collagen fibers victoria shrink immediately, so that the loose skin wrinkles are stretched, while promoting the proliferation of dermal collagen, prompting dermal thickness and density increase. 



    • Reduce fat 
    • Tighten skin
    • Relax muscle
    • Lymphatic drainage
    • Accelerate blood circulation
    • Improve absorption of skincare products


    • Anti-aging
    • Lift skin
    • Tighten skin
    • Rejuvenate skin 
    • Remove wrinkles
    • Improve skin elasticity


    • Firstly put the probe on the skin, then adjust the energy from low to high, until you feel hot. Please do not let the probe leave the skin during the whole use process, do not stay in the same area. The probe should be close to the skin, otherwise, it will hurt your skin.

    Package included

    • One main device
    • One 40K probe
    • One quadrupole probe
    • One tripolar probe
    • One English manual