Body Slimming Vacuum Machine-6 in1 Ultrasonic Cavitation RF Multifunction Massage

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    Body Slimming Vacuum Machine-6 in1 Ultrasonic Cavitation RF Multifunction Massage

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    4 technologies in 1: RF, Ultrasound Cavitation, Vacuum, and Laser.
    3 RF handles: tripole, quadrupole, and sextupole for precise treatment on the face, arms, legs, belly, hips, etc.
    8 laser plates: available for efficient fat-blasting on different operated body parts.
    Adjustable intensity: from low to high according to individual tolerance and needs.
    Multi-functions: slimming & tightening effects on face & body.
    Safe & non-invasive: no pain, no radiation, no side effects.
    Touch screen: easy & convenient to operate under clear guidance.


    • This machine adopts multiple technologies of RF, 40KHz ultrasound cavitation, vacuum suction, and laser.
    • 1 MHz RF: exhausting the integrated glycerol and free fatty acids through hepatoenteral circulation.
    • 40KHz cavitation: emitted to vibrate fat cells at top speed to promote cells' motivation so as to reduce fat.
    • Vacuum RF: focusing the RF energy on a specific area to reduce fat, accelerate metabolism, relieve muscle fatigue, and tighten the skin by delivering thermal energy and by suction massage.
    • Laser: a non-destructive, targeted fat reduction technology, emitting low levels of laser energy that creates a chemical signal in the fat cells, breaking down the stored triglycerides into free fatty acids, glycerol, and water molecules which then are transported throughout the body by the lymphatic system to supply the body with energy.


    6 in 1 Desktop Fat-Blasting Slimming Machine:
    Technology: Ultrasound + Vacuum + Laser + RF (tripole, quadrupole, sextupole)
    Rated voltage: 110V
    Rated frequency: 50Hz
    Handle Quantity: 5pcs
    Laser plate quantity: 8pcs
    Mains output: 100VA
    Energy output: 56×180mW
    Laser diode wavelength: 635-650nm
    Ultrasound frequency: 40KHz
    Operation mode: Continuous
    Cooling system: Air cooling
    Package size: 38*31.5*35.3cm
    Package Weight: 17LB
    Laser pads: Wavelength: 635nm-650nm
    Max output: 350mw
    Mix output: 5mw
    Frequency: 1hz-1Mhz
    40K Cavitation:
    Supply output: 150V
    Frequency: 40Khz
    Power: 25W
    Vacuum RF for the body:
    Supply output:66V
    Frequency: 1Mhz
    Power: 95W
    Air pressure: >=80Kpa
    Put pressure: >250Kpa
    Six-polar RF:
    Supply output: 66V
    Frequency: 4Mhz
    Power: 40W
    Four-polar RF:
    Supply output: 66V
    Frequency: 1Mhz
    Power: 35W
    Tri-polar RF:
    Supply output: 66V
    Frequency: 600Khz 
    Power: 35W



    • Reduce fat
    • Tighten skin
    • Relax muscle
    • Lymphatic drainage
    • Accelerate blood circulation
    • Improve absorption of skin care products


    • Anti-aging
    • Lift skin
    • Tighten skin
    • Rejuvenate skin
    • Remove wrinkles
    • Improve skin elasticity


    • Ultrasonic waves pass through the epidermis at a frequency of 40 kHz, acting on the fat cells of the dermis, and high-frequency vibrations cause the fat cells to break, we called it cavitation. The tinnitus we hear comes from the micro-vibration of fat cells. This phenomenon will always be accompanied by cavitation weight loss treatment. If it disappears, it is no longer 40kHz. So it is normal we will hear the noise when during the ultrasonic cavitation treatment. The noise will not hurt our hearing. Some clients can hear the noise but some clients can not hear it. It differs from person to person.

    How To Reduce The Noise In The Ear?

    • 1. Please do not wear metal parts such as rings, or necklaces when doing the cavitation treatments, this will cause even more noise.
    • 2. Try to reduce the energy to find the most comfortable one.
    • 3. Try to use some cotton balls in the ears to reduce discomfort.
    • 4. The wave mode on the machine can be chosen to minimize the noise. There are “Continuous” to “Interval” wave patterns, you can choose different modes to find the most comfortable one.

    Package included

    • 1*40K Cellulite Fat Remove Machine
    • 1*Vacuum Bipolar RF handle
    • 1*Sextupole body RF handle
    • 1*40Khz Ultrasonic handle
    • 1*Quadrupole RF handle
    • 1*5.Tripolar facial handle
    • 6*Big Laser lipolisis
    • 2*Small Laser lipolisis
    • 1*Power line
    • 5 Set Earplugs