Ring Bender Tool with Nylon Dies Ring Making Kit for Soft Metals Jewelry Making


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    Ring Bender Tool with Nylon Dies Ring Making Kit for Soft Metals Jewelry Making

    179.98 125.99
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    About this item

    • Note: ring bending tool must be fixed directly to your workbench by using screws or if you have a fixed bench vice, the ring bender can be placed on top of the vice jaws. Round: 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, and 22mm, Post: 60deg and 90deg, and 1 set of nylon Dies(6pcs).
    • Although many people use this method to make spoon rings, the ring bender tool is designed for working with soft precious metals, so we recommend this bending tool for soft metals and its thickness must be 3mm or less.
    • Most ring-making tools bend the material by an external force, so it is unavoidable to leave marks on the material. so we are equipped with nylon dies that will allow you to make bends without marring delicate materials.
    • The ring-making kit is machined from solid steel and then hardened to 45-50 HRC. each steel post and die are black oxidized, and there is no corrosion for life. the jewelry tools can be bending earrings, rings, and other metal parts; suitable for home hand-made, jewelry DIY, jewelry repair, jewelry design, or jewelry stores.
    • It is one of the most commonly used jewelry-making tools, like other ring-bending machines, you can easily get more accurate size and shape with these ring tools. so you'll have more time in the focal part of their statement rings.

    How to use ring bending?

    • Use the ring-making kit to bend a ring, first a strip of annealed metal is used. Depending on the ring size you choose, we recommend you use a post one size smaller than your target ring size. Under normal circumstances, the ring embryo material should not be wider than the working height of the column.
    • Each post also has a matching die, ready for Post and die of the right size. Insert the stud at the back of the die into the slot on the main unit. The die should be wound around the post.
    • Move the handle to open the gap between the post and the die. Put your material preform between the post and die, and ensure that the bottom edge of the material fits the unit base plane, and the side fits the post at any time.
    • If you need to make perfect right-angle bends. The ring binding tool also comes with a square post and die. Similar to starting bending, it is simpler to operate. You only need to focus on the center part to be bent.
    • Insert the post and die, and pull the handle without inserting the lath to ensure that the square post is completely consistent with the die. Mark the position of the belt to be bent, and then move the handle similar to the bend ring step to get a perfect straight bend.

    How to fix the ring bender base?

    • The ring bender can be fixed directly to your workbench by using screws, or bolts through the four countersunk holes and into your worktop.
    • The unit base has concave bayonets. This will allow for very safe and flexible use of clamps for fixing.
    • We recommend you use a bench vice. The ring bender tool can be placed on the top of the vise jaw and tightly clamped underneath.
    • Note: If your strip is tough, we do not recommend using this device for tough metal