110V Electric Tankless Water Heater Kitchen Bathroom Home Hot Water Heater 95°F-167°F RV


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    110V Electric Tankless Water Heater Kitchen Bathroom Home Hot Water Heater 95°F-167°F RV

    104.27 72.99
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    • This is a lightweight electric water heater for bathtub with a perfect combination of inner quality and classical appearance, which applies to multiple demands of different families.
    • It can be placed in a space exquisitely where is decorated by you elaborately, and embellish your furniture much more wonderfully.
    • iMeshbean tankless water heater uses green environmental material, which is qualified for international standards, satisfies the difficulties of hot water supply for multiple places, and easily solves issues such as face washing, bathing, vegetable washing, and dishwashing.
    • Hot water heater can be installed in the kitchen, restroom, bathroom, or any other place you want optionally because of its characteristics of small area, strong applicability, and convenient installation.
    • Tankless hot water heater is a direct heating type with high efficiency and low power heating tube, which can take advantage of the thermal energy maximally.
    • The temperature can be adjusted between 95℉--167℉ / 35℃-- 75℃ optionally, and the power will be off automatically when the set temperature is achieved.
    • Its total power is 1500w and it has multiple installation methods.
    • Electric tankless water heater is applicable for different water pressure in different areas, especially for families which are located on higher floors with low water pressure.


    • 1500W power output,10L large Capacity w/standard US plug fast and stable heating.
    • Eliminates long waits for hot water at your sink, get on demand hot water at your every need.

    Adjustable Temperature

    • Adjustable knob switch from  95℉--167℉ optionally, the machine operates and the heating water temperature reaches 167 ℉, automatic heat preservation and constant temperature, automatic control, automatic supplementary cold water heating

    Water Heater Installation

    • Can be shelf, wall or floor mounted (Water inlet and outlet upward/downward); 
    • Standard G 1/2" interface(inflow or outflow), can be directly connected to household conventional hose connectors.
    • After filling the water tank, plugs into the power supply, and it can be used normally.

    Read before you buy:

    • 1. Pre-sale test: Each machine will be tested with water and electricity, and there will be a small amount of water residue.
    • 2. Water pressure problem: Be cautious when using water tanks or water towers or in households where the water output is relatively small, and the machine may not heat up.
    • 3. First use: The first time you use it, you must pass water first, and then you can turn on the electricity for heating after the water is smooth.Turn on the temperature control switch.
    • 4. Water temperature problem: the water pressure varies with the inlet water temperature, and the actual use effect will be different for each house.
    • 5.Installation problem: Please install correctly according to the instructions to prevent the protector from tripping.

    Package Include:

    • 1x RV Hot Water Heater
    • 1x Operation Manual
    • 1x Pressure Relief Tube
    • 1x Pressure Relief Valve
    • 1x Screw Kit