100 Holes Capsules Filling Machine Size 1# Manual Machine Tamper Tool


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    100 Holes Capsules Filling Machine Size 1# Manual Machine Tamper Tool

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    • 100 holes semi-automatic capsule filling machine set with 100 holes enables you to assemble 100 pieces of pill capsules once greatly saving your time
    • Made from food-grade ABS material, chemical resistance, long lifetime, and safe to use
    • Based on the capsule structure and pill filling theory, fast filling and assemble speed, evenly filling level, and high assemble success rate of up to 99%
    • Comes with a powder block plate no worry about the power falling out, and keeps your desktop clean
    • The detailed English manual includes in the package, no worry about to use
    • Effective to deal with the problem of the filling capsules, like small batch processing, production, and self-made capsules.


    • Type: Capsule Filler
    • Material: Food grade ABS+metal
    • Color: Blue
    • Quantity: 100
    • Suitable for Capsule Type:1#
    • Weight: 33oz

    Package Included:

    • 1 x Alignment Plate
    • 1 x Body Plate
    • 1 x Middle Plate
    • 1 x Cap Plate
    • 1 x Powder Pressing Plate
    • 1 x Powder Spreader
    • 1 x Handle
    • 1 x Powder Baffle

    Operational Steps:

    • Load the capsule body, and put the body plate flat.
    • Put the frame of the arrangement plate on the body plate.
    • Put about capsules in the frame.
    • Pick up the plate body and arranged the wheel swinging around.
    • The capsule body will fall into the plate hole one by one, then pour the extra capsule body out.
    • Take the wheel arrangement plate, and put the capsule body installed on the board aside.
    • Filling power in the capsule body.
    • Scrape the board back and forth on the body, when the capsule body is full of powder.
    • Use powder pressing plate filling capsules plate, filling capsules.
    • Scraping plate excess powder.
    • Turned over the cap plate and middle plate to cover the body plate.
    • Lock the capsule body and the capsule cap.
    • Remove the cap plate.
    • Remove the middle plate, and pour out the capsule from the locking middle plate.
    • Note: The capsules in the pictures are not included