15" Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner with 3 Wheels, Stainless Steel Power Broom

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    15" Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner with 3 Wheels, Stainless Steel Power Broom

    147.68 95.99
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    • Diameter: 15 Inch
    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Inlet: 1/4" Quick plug.
    • Max Working 4000PSI / 5GPM
    • Durable stainless steel nozzles for efficient performance.
    • Reduce cleaning time up to 60% over regular nozzles.
    • Flexible bristles skirt.
    • Easy to Use: Easy to connect and release. Works with gas or electric pressure washers
    • Package: 1*Surface cleaner, 2*15" Extension wand, 1*Needles Kit, 2*Nozzle, 1*Teflon Tape


    • Package: 1 x 15" stainless steel surface cleaner, 2 x 15" extension wands, 2 x replacement nozzles, 4 x O-rings, 1 x thread seal tape, 1 x nozzle cleaner. Working pressure is up to 4000 PSI. Required min pressure 2000 PSI, min flow rate 1.8 GPM, max flow rate 3.7 GPM.
    • Professional 15'' Surface Cleaner: The Surface Cleaner gives a commercial-grade cleaning area of 15 inches wide. Hover action makes the surface clean faster and more effective than nozzles alone. Ideal for cleaning stubborn stains on large flat surfaces such as patios, driveways, decks, and sidewalks. It and also could be used on vertical surfaces like brick walls, stucco, and other siding.
    • High Quality: Professional durable triplex bearing system and spray nozzle, real #304 stainless housing, and caster bracket for better rustproof, provide you with the top quality surface cleaner to maximize the energy of your pressure washer. Adjustable stable silence caster, harder and thicker brushes let you clean the path without splashback. A filter is built into the entrance to prevent the blockage of impurities. 1/4" Quick plug. Easy to connect with included pressure washer lance or other 1/4" quick connect fitting. Total length 30" lance with thread connection without leak and shaking.
    • More Effectively: 15" Surface Cleaner has dual pressure water jets that spin rapidly breaking up dirt and grime without streaking or striping surfaces. And it cleans large surfaces up to 5x faster than a standard nozzle. Surface cleaners for gas and electric pressure cleaners can reduce cleaning time by up to 60% compared to conventional nozzles.
    • REPLACEMENT NOZZLES: Two nozzles are attached for replacement if the original nozzles are blocked seriously. Please use a water inline filter to avoid the nozzle being blocked by sand or other debris. If the nozzle is blocked with sand or other debris, you can remove the nozzle, clean it with a needle, and rinse it with fresh water.
    • Good Compatibility - This surface cleaner is designed for a universal gas power washer and electric pressure washer. Notes: NOT FIT GARDEN HOSE OR WATER HOSE.

    More Details:

    High Quality & Good Compatibility

    • High-quality material (High-quality wear-resistant stainless steel, brass )- allows for a longer lifetime and usability of the tool
    • Fit most pressure washer with 1/4" spray wands

    Professional Pressure Washer

    • The wheels can be disassembled freely, which is very convenient
    • A soft, strong brush cleans and protects the surface, prevents overspray, and is cleaner than standard nozzles.
    • Total length 30" lance with thread connection without leak and shaking.

    Dual High-Pressure Jets

    • Jets spin when they're under high pressure, providing a 15'' wide cleaning area and cleaning surfaces with ease. And it also prevents streaking or stripping of surfaces.
    • Integrated Iron Rotary Rod - avoids speed fluctuations caused by the previous deformation of the welding rod.

    Maintenance Tool Kit

    • 2 Nozzle Replacement - Replace the nozzles seriously blocked.
    • Needles - Clean any foreign materials clogging or restricting the nozzle.
    • Teflon Tape - For a good connection, no leak

    Compatible machines

    • g2700, g2700r, g2900x, g3000, g3000k, g3000 x, g3000 xk, g3100 xh, g3200 x, g3200 xk, g2200, g2600 vh, g3000 oh, g3050 ohc, g3200 oc, g3200 oct, g3200 oh, g3200 xc and g3200 xh


    • Surface cleaner for pressure washers is great for cleaning large flat surfaces, such as patios, fences, rooftops, and walls.