Hand Held Portable Media Spot Sand Blaster Gun Air Gravity Feed Rust Remover


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    Hand Held Portable Media Spot Sand Blaster Gun Air Gravity Feed Rust Remover

    39.98 39.98
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    • Easily Transform Trash Into Treasure: Take your D.I.Y projects up a notch and rely on our high-powered portable sandblaster gun kit to wipe off years of rust, dirt, and grime in a blast. Our kit includes a 1/4" NPT quick connector, & a user-friendly guide, so you can seamlessly restore beloved items around the house. Note: Air compressor is not included
    • Tackles A Variety of Tasks From Glass Etching To Rust Removal: Prefer more abrasive media to remove tough rust stains or chipping paint? Our sandblasting gun was designed to support a variety of media to remove stubborn rust or dirt or to etch beautiful glass designs. Choose between steel grit, glass beads, and silicon carbide to load inside its gravity-feed hopper and restore and prevent corrosion on the toughest of surfaces.
    • Constructed With Quality to Outperform the Rest: This Sandblaster Gun Kit operates at 90 PSI-150 PSI and Airflow of 12 CFM at 100 PSI., we've backed it up with a durable design that's tested over 4 times during the manufacturing process. Hallmarks of our sandblasting gun include a gravity feed reservoir for consistency, a fully adjustable control valve for precise sand flow, a large vacuum suction, & a ceramic nozzle. Our high-powered tool is constructed to be the only sandblaster you'll ever rely on.
    • Lightweight & Portable Design: Our lightweight, ergonomic, and portable sandblasting kit can be carried anywhere, whether you're restoring a motorcycle in your backyard or polishing a car in the garage. Blast hard-to-reach, tight areas with its compact design and achieve a consistently smooth and clean surface. Easy to use and store, make any item look as good as new with your new versatile tool.

    Gravity Feed Sand Blaster Gun Kit Sandblaster Spray Blasting Gun Air Nozzle 1/4


      • Pressure: 90 ~ 150 PSI
      • Power type: air compressor(not included)
      • Tank capacity: 600cc (18 ounces)
      • Air consumption: 7.0scfm, 198l/min
      • No-load speed: 6000RPM
      • Air inlet: 20 filters, 1/4"
      • Abrasive size: 46-100
      • Nozzle size: 2-15/16 "L * 7/32" DIA
      • Diameter of blasting hole:6.5mm/0.26in

    More Details:

    Fully Adjustable Control Valve

    • The Sand Blaster is engineered to bring precise airflow. With its control valves, you can adjust the airflow according to your blasting requirements.

    Works with Standard Operating Pressure

    • This blasting gun works under 90-150 PSI with 12 CFM.at 100 PSI. It is compatible with any air compressor and compressed air accessories.

    600 CC / 18oz Media Container

    • Our blaster is designed with 600 CC / 18oz media that can hold enough abrasive to get you going. It can carry any media ranging from baking soda, sand (up to 100#), Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Carbide, Steel Grit, Glass Beads, and more.

    Ergonomic Design

    • Ergonomics is highly regarded as the best solution when it comes to industrial tools. This is why we always develop products with an ergonomic design that prevents strains and improves usage. Our soda blaster offers a good grip and comfortable design you won¡¯t even feel you are working on a heavy-duty air tool.

    Lightweight and Portable

    • This small sandblaster soda blaster is lightweight and very portable. Carry it around the workshop and easily lift it while aiming and blasting over your project. Do not miss an opportunity to finish good work. Just carry it wherever your job requires this portable sandblaster.


    • This sandblaster is convenient for any type of restoration, cleaning, corrosion prevention, and more. This media blaster gun can quickly transform old and unused furniture and fixtures into new and semi-polished conditions. It is also made perfect for cleaning and even wives love it.
    • If you are into artwork, our portable soda blaster is also great for glass etching. Enjoy gravity-feed sandblasting with this mini-sandblaster. Use Le Lematec Soda Blaster on wood, timber, floors, walls, ceilings, plumbing fixtures, and auto parts and you will never see a day without it.