3 Axis Digital Readout+ 3 Scale Kit For Milling Lathe Machine Precision Linear


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    3 Axis Digital Readout+ 3 Scale Kit For Milling Lathe Machine Precision Linear

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    Main Features:

    • Application: lathe, grinding machine, milling machine, boring machine, and EMD TO make the position detection.
    • The sliding part adopts the five-bearing system which has been proven to be the most reliable and durable. The main grating adopts a 90-degree assembly, which is more accurate and accurate.
    • The repeatability of the measurement is more stable.
    • The signal line adopts multi-layer isolation steel and metal soft shell protection, waterproof and anti-interference fine.
    • Ruler body with aluminum die-casting, hard chrome plating, corrosion-resistant.
    • Dust bar with special plastic, corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, and friction resistance.
    • Parts individual, installation, maintenance, easy maintenance, waterproof, dust-proof good, long service life.
    • The sensor uses a glass precision metrology grating as the measurement reference.
    • Multi-function, easy to operate, reliable, and durable, so that the necessary processing of mechanical products.


    • Digital display to eliminate backlash and improve the precision
    • Advanced trigonometric calculation so to accomplish a perfect project
    • 11.6" wide display to offer excellent long-distance viewing
    • A digital readout kit can avoid wasting weeks checking machine precision


    Axis Digital Readout

    • Measuring travel: 0-3020mm
    • Accuracy class: ± 1um
    • Measurement standards: engraved glass grating
    • Operating voltage: 5V ± 5% DC
    • Working speed: ≤1m / S (1um)
    • Acceleration: ≤ 60m / s
    • Reference Operating Humidity: ≤ 90RH
    • Grating pitch: 20um (0
    • Measurement procedure: Incremental
    • Signal mode: TTL
    • Circuit characteristics: NPN
    • Grating measurement system: transmission infrared optical measurement system, infrared wavelength 940nm
    • Scanning frequency: ≤28kHz
    • Anti-vibration: 50Hz-2KHz, ≤ 180m / s
    • Impact: 16ms, ≤ 600m / s
    • Displacement frictional resistance: ≤ 5N
    • Protection class: IP53 / IP64
    • Signal electrical connection: independent adapter cable (2.5M / 3 METER / 4M / 5M, ≤ 100M, can be connected to install the block)
    • Applicable voltage: 100V-265V
    • Note: The above parameters are measured in the ideal environment. There may be some differences in practical application.

    TTL Linear Scale

    1. Physical length is different from the travel length

    550,600,650,700,750,800,850,900,950,1000mm 5um.

    2. High Precision linear scale

    3. Resolution: 5um (0.005mm) 0.0002"

    4. Signal: TTL square /wave EIA-442

    5. Grating p itch: 0.02mm (50LP/min)

    6. Accuracy: ± 0.005 mm or 0.0002" (at 20 deg C) 

    7. Reference marks at an interval of 50mm 

    8. Response Speed: 60m/min or 40ins/sec


    • Please leave us a message for the scale length you need! The scale length above refers to the real travel of the linear scale. The actual physical length is 141mm longer than travel. One inch equals 25.4mm.
    • We have 100mm(4") 150mm(6") 200mm (8") 250mm(10") 300mm (12") 350mm(14") 400mm(16") 450mm(18") 500mm(20") 550mm(22") 600mm(24") 650mm(26") 700mm(28") 750mm(30") 800mm(32") 850mm(34") 900mm(36") 950mm(38") 1000mm(40") scales in stock,? please leave us a note about which Three size scales you need, or we will send you in random

    Package Included : 

    • 1 * 3 Axis Digital Readout
    • 3 * Linear Scale (100,150,200......1000mm for choose)
    • Mounting accessories