Best In & Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump

May 22, 2024

What is the best thing in summer? For most people, there is nothing better than swimming and plunging in a pool. This way not only can you beat the heat, but bring you fun. But with the high temperature, the water is easy to be eutrophic. How to keep our swimming pool clean is a big problem. You need a water circulation system, otherwise, your swimming pool will become green. So in-ground and above ground swimming pool pumps are so vital.

What differences between in-ground pool pump and above-ground pool pump?
There are two kinds of swimming pumps, one is an in-ground pool pump, another is an above-ground pool pump. When we select a swimming pump, which one should we buy?
The biggest difference between the two pool pumps is in-ground pool pumps are “self-priming”, so the design will deliver more power. “Self-priming” refers to the pump’s ability to pump water from the lowland. As inground pool pumps are usually above water level. Inground pool pumps have a powerful impeller, which can transform the spinning of the motor into the water pulling force. Above ground pool pumps are installed at the bottom of a pool, below the water level. So this installation site allows gravity-fed flow.

How to choose a pool pump for water circulation?
First, you need to consider the speed. There are a three-speed option: single speed, dual speed, and variable speed. The appropriate speed can save more energy, and make the work efficient.
Second, you should take the flow rate into account. It depends on the size of your pool. “Pool length (ft) x width (ft) x average depth (ft) x multiplier”, this formula can calculate the water volume of your pool.
Third, the noise is a considering factor. When you buy a pool pump, please make sure you can bear the noise level after running a pump for several hours. It’s batter to install the pump far away from the resting place.
How long should we run our pool circulation pump? It depends on the temperature of your location. Every 10°F of the outside temperature, you need to run the pump for 1.5 hours. Generally, you need to run the pump at least for 12 hours in summer and run the pump at least for 5 hours in winter.
Top swimming pool pump for the recommendation

1.5HP Swimming Pool Pump Motor In/Above Ground w/Strainer Filter 115-230V

1. The strainer basket with internal ribs assures flow when filled with leaves ad debris.
2. One-piece case without bolts ensures super-quiet operation.
3. High-tech motor with qualified material provides cooler running and longer life.
4. Suitable for above-ground swimming pools.

2HP 115-230v Inground Swimming Pool Pump Motor Strainer Replacement for Hayward

1. Equipped with a powerful motor, stable performance and long service life.
2. Adopt efficient impeller design to provide high flow and high lift.
3. It has a removable filter basket to ensure that debris does not enter the pump.
4. Dual voltage design, easy to install.

2.5 HP 2 Speed 2" NPT Inground Swimming Spa Pool Pump 9000/4140 GPH 220-240V

1. Equipped with two-speed power motor.
2. Self-priming above-ground function.
3. Made of corrosion-resistant polymer, high durability.
4. Suitable for inground swimming pools.

We hope you can have a clean and safe pool at any time when you want to swim in and cool yourself. We hope you can have a great summer in your swimming pool. That’s why we suggest you have a high-quality pool pump.
Now you have a complete understanding of a swimming pool pump. Why not choosing the best in-ground or above ground pool pump at iMeshbean? Our pool circulation pumps are worth your time. Before purchasing a pool pump, you must take the size and type of your pool into account.

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