Why Do We Need A Deep Well Pump?

May 27, 2024

What is a deep water pump?
The biggest feature of a deep well pump is to integrate the motor and pump. It can pump up and transport underground water. A submersible deep pump is widely used in agricultural irrigation, industry and mining, sewage treatment, home usage, etc.
Because the motor needs to dive into the well, the structure of the motor is more special than other motors.
Deep well pump can be divided into three classes: Clean water deep well pump, Sewage deep well pump, Seawater deep well pump (corrosivity).

Why do we need a deep well pump?
When water pumps don’t be invented, people used rope and buckets to get water. But this method has limitations. With social development, the technology of deep water pumps becomes more mature. It can apply to industrial usage, agricultural irrigation, and is good for home-usage. Some submersible water pumps allow you to expel water up to a few feet depth beneath the ground, some pumps can up to 20ft or more.

Features of submersible water pump:
1. Motor and pump are integrated. It will be safe and reliable when diving into the water.
2. Under pressure permits, there is no special requirement for well pipes and lifting pipes.
3. It is easy to install, use and maintain.
4. small occupation space, no need to build a pump house.

If your deep well pump can not pump the water up:
1. check the voltage, please make sure it is 220V. Without enough voltage, the rotating speed will be low and could not pump enough water up.
2. check the HP and make sure it is within the range
3. check the impeller rotating direction, you could correct the direction by changing the 2 capacitance or supply wirings connection.
4. make sure if the impeller or water strainer is stuck or not and try to clean the blockage
5. check if the impeller is worn out seriously and make exchange timely
6. check if the stator winding get short or not

Submersible deep well pumps provide clean and stable underground water for farmland and city life.
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